Nature (Simple, Healthy, Good)

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Nature (Simple, Healthy, Good)

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Eating well from day to day: a lifestyle according to Alain Ducasse, he shares this personal philosophy with dietician, Paule Neyrat. This philosophy has inspired the 190 recipes assembled in this volume, bringing forth  "natural", emotional, creative and relaxed fare, as well as an inextinguishable source of ideas to help you eat, and live better.

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Alain DUCASSE - Born in les Landes, Alain Ducasse discovered Mediterranean cuisine, which remains his reference, at a very young age. In 1998, he was the very first chef to simultaneously run two 3 Michelin starred restaurants. He had invented a new manner of being a chef combining the creation of new restaurants, inn keeper, publisher and mentor. Insatiable, curious about the diversity of world food, his success has a great deal to do with his passion to teach from his experience and knowledge.

Paule NEYRAT - Grand-daughter of chefs and a dietician, Paule Neyrat has always evolved in the area of nutrition and gastronomy. Creator of the "Stages Escoffier" (Escoffier apprenticeship) courses created for professional chefs to perfect themselves, she worked for 20 years with some of the greatest of our time. A journalist specialized in the area of food and nutrition, she is also the author of a number of books. Since 2003, she is one of Alain Ducasse's’ authors, and is also the editor of the “Spoon Cook Book” and of the “Grand Livres Méditerranée” and “Tour du Monde”.

Christophe SAINTAGNE - Hailing from Normandy, he learns his trade at Conteville, in the presence of Guillaume Louet, after which he joins Philippe Groult at the restaurant Amphyclés in Paris, in 1998. He completes his military service at the Elysée Palace, after which he returns to the kitchen, under the wing of Alain Ducasse at the “59 Poincaré”, followed by the Plaza Athénée. In 2002, he becomes chef at the parisian “the Lyonnais”. From 2005 to 2008, he accompagnies Jean François Piège at l’Hôtel du Crillon as deputy chef after which he joins Alain Ducasse in 2009 who offered him the position of Corporate chef. He then took over from Christophe Moret as executive chef at the Plaza Athénée in September 2010. 

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Publisher :
Alain Ducasse Edition
Authors :
Alain Ducasse, Paule Neyrat, Christophe Saintagn
Collection :
Livres de Chefs
Photographer :
Françoise NICOL
Language :
English (US/UK), Brazilian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese
Nature (Simple, Healthy, Good)
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Nature (Simple, Healthy, Good)