Le Comptoir de Benoit


Breeze Breeze 33F

2-4-9 Umeda Kita-ku
530-0001 Osaka, Japon

Tel. +81 (6)6345 4388
Fax. +81 (6)6345 4389


In detail


Lunch: from 11.00 am to 2.30 pm               
Dinner: from 5 pm to 9.30 pm


Open all year


December 31st and January 1st
February 17st and August 18st 

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French bistrot cuisine

On the 33rd floor of the Breeze Tower at Nishi-Umeda, the historical neighbourhood of Osaka, Le Comptoir de Benoit is "the French bistrot where Osaka recognises itself".

Passionate about the rich and vibrant culinary tradition of the city, Alain Ducasse conceived Le Comptoir de Benoit as an Osaka style adaptation of the spirit of the bistrot.

The menu is heavily embedded in Osaka regional produce: each diverse regional produce is represented within. Yet, the recipes are resolutely and traditionally French: oeuf cocotte, pâté en croûte, pike quenelles...This fertile dialogue underligned between French inspiration and the soul of the city highlights the warm and original dining room decor.  

Some delicious creations to discover at Comptoir de Benoît: Oeuf cocotte, pâté en croûte, pike quenelles...


Chef : Soshi Ueno

General Manager : Koichi Saito

Sommelier : Yusuke Sato

photo du menu

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