28 January 2013
Your private event at Aux Lyonnais
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Discover Aux Lyonnais’ Restaurant and its private dining room in central Paris !
Aux Lyonnais welcomes you for a corporate event, a dinner with friends or a birthday celebration. Capacity from 6 to 14 guests

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9 January 2013
Macaroni cheese and ham with black truffle

Childhood memory...
Alain Ducasse Edition offers you a childhood recipe: Macaroni cheese and ham with black truffle.

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21 December 2012
The Recipe of the Month :  Rockefeller Oysters

In this celebration season, bring a touch of originality to your table ! Alain Ducasse Edition is happy to give you a festive and new version of "Rockefeller Oysters", with Swiss chard and tarragon butter, exerpted from the iPad application "My Culinary Encyclopedia" (now available on the App Store)


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30 November 2012
The recipe of the month : Orange iced soufflé

Get in the Christmas mood with a sweet and light treat!  Benoit, the most Parisian bistrot, shares with you the recipe of one of its favourite desserts – a delicate Orange Iced Soufflé. Test the recipe and enjoy it with your loved ones during the upcoming festive season.

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This recipe comes from Alain Ducasse Edition's cooking book : "L'Esprit Bistrot : les meilleures recettes de Benoit"


27 November 2012
A Chef and his cuisine: 24h in New York with Philippe Bertineau

3 questions, a video and a recipe, to discover Philippe Bertineau, Executive Chef of Benoit New York

From the family-owned farm in central western France to Benoit New York in Midtown Manhattan, can you tell us about your career?

Benoit New York The desire to be a cook came to me at a very young age during a trip to Paris. As a child, I was amazed by the capital’s restaurants. I knew at that moment it would become my career.

I had always been curious about going abroad, which pushed me to go to London in 1989 and work as a line cook.  After a period of time spent at Lucien Vanel’s restaurant in Toulouse, the New World quickly appealed to me … The thirst for discovery, the multicultural adventure …

21 years ago, New York City welcomed me, and I have never left! After a 5-year experience as sous-chef alongside Daniel Boulud for the opening of his restaurant Daniel, I became Executive Chef at Payard Patisserie and Bistro, where I received the New York Magazine Best Unsung Chef award.

Since the early 2000’s, I had met Alain Ducasse a few times, and he eventually entrusted me with the position of Executive Chef at Benoit in October 2010.

Two years later, the story continues, and has never been so beautiful!

How would you describe Benoit’s bistro cuisine?

 Bistro cuisine is very representative of French cuisine. My mission is to respect this heritage and to transmit its authentic flavors to our American customers, who are extremely curious about our products and traditions. With Chef Alain Ducasse, we share the same philosophy of putting the produce in the foreground, in terms quality as well as when cooking.


Can you describe a typical day for you at Benoit NY?

Plats de Benoit New York

8.30 AM : At our arrival, we check in on the details of our product deliveries that come from some of the best local producers.

9.00 AM : We gather around a cup of coffee to discuss the leading points of the day: today’s specials and what we call the “big projects”, that is to say those which take time to prepare, like the “charcuterie” and braised or simmered dishes. Time goes by quickly, as it does everywhere in the Big Apple !

11.30 AM : We try to find time for a small lunch break before the lunch rush. Not always easy! 

Noon: The lunch service begins. All our cooks hustle and bustle about to satisfy our hundreds of clients. The kitchen reaches its boiling point! Everything flows very quickly, until 3 pm when the restaurant calms down again.

3.00 PM: As Benoit hosts a lot of events in its four private dining rooms, we use this small window of appeasement  to establish and elaborate on customized offers for our guests. Cocktail parties, family lunches or dinners, weddings … It is up to us to come up with an interesting and original menu that suits each and every occasion.

4.30 PM: We place our orders for fresh products with our local suppliers.

5.30 PM: The kitchen is coming back to life in anticipation of an intense dinner service ! The evening team (10 people) is already hard at work. Throughout the evening, I go into the main dining room to greet some of our customers, and to answer questions they may have about the restaurant and France. Laughter and conversations animate the restaurant and the bar, until late at night.

Midnight : the last customers are gone, the kitchen is ready for the next day. The lights are off, in a city that never sleeps!


Video of Chef Bertineau


Discover the vidéo of Chef Bertineau with his wife Odette Fada, a chef also, preparing cappelleti together. The couple met in 1998, when Chef Bertineau received the Italian New York Consulate Prize for his use of tartufi di alba (white truffle).



Chef Bertineau's recipe

Cassoulet de Philippe Bertineau

Official representant of the Académie Universelle du Cassoulet de Carcassonne, one of his favourite dishes, the Chef shares with you his own cassoulet recipe, which you can find on Benoit’s menu.

Download the cassoulet's recipe

This recipe is shared with you by Benoit New York



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26 October 2012
Recipe of the month : Cookpot of autumn vegetables and fruits

Enter into Alain Ducasse univers, his culinary DNA and discover the recipe of a Cookpot of autumn vegetables and fruits.

Sublimate seasonal products, with bright colours and rich flavours, thanks to the Cookpot, the signature dish of the chef, created for shaping a balanced and sensible vegetables cuisine, respectful of the environment. The Cookpot is present on the menus of all Alain Ducasse’s restaurants, all around the world, like a philosophical link between them all.

Learn more about the Cookpot 

20 September 2012
Recipe of the month : Meagre Tartare, pears and courgettes

Alain Ducasse Edition is delighted to offer you an exclusive preview of Julie Andrieu latest cookbook with her recipe of Meagre Tartare, pears and courgettes. So fresh and so sunny for a late taste of summer!


Date of publication: October, 25th 2012

15 June 2012
Cervelle de Canuts

Cervelle de Canuts – you might not know it from the name, but this is recipe for a delicious dip using faiselle cream cheese that is perfect for a summer aperitif.
With the distinctive taste of Lyon’s tradition for fine cuisine, this recipe is fresh and light, perfect served with a Pouilly Fuissé wine.
Recommendation from Steve Sawczuk, Sommelier at the restaurant "Aux Lyonnais".

This recipe comes to you from the "Aux Lyonnais"restaurant.

20 April 2012
filets de rouget de roche poêlés...

Alain Ducasse Edition offers you the recipe of Fried fillet of surmullet, sauté of potato & courgette ribbons in tapenade.
Extract from the book "Best of Alain Ducasse"

Discover the seafood restaurant of Alain Ducasse in Paris: Rech

30 March 2012

Italy and France come together for the love of food when Benoit's Executive Chef Philippe Bertineau and his wife Chef Odette Fada, team up to make fresh Cappelletti.