14 January 2015
Lunch menu at Benoit Paris

Just a few steps away from the Hôtel de Ville, discover the unique universe and authentic fare of this legendary bistro…

A favorite address of all lovers of great French food who appreciate its family spirit and warm and friendly atmosphere; the restaurant Benoit which opened in 1912, remains one of the last authentic Parisians bistros.

At lunch, taste some beautiful products, the great classics on the menu that contribute since 100 years to the reputation of Benoit beyond the borders. Also enjoy wines too chose within 350 references from the best French vineyards.

Eric Azoug, Benoit restaurant’s chef propose at the lunch menu the Delicate green lentil velouté, lightly whipped cream; the Pan-seared black pudding two style apples and as dessert, you could choose between Savarin in Armagnac and lightly whipped cream; Assortment of chocolate and fruit tarts and Homemade ice cream and sorbets.

20 rue Saint-Martin
75004 Paris

Lunch menu 39 €

13 January 2015

 Alain Ducasse wishes you a Happy New Year

Discover the vidéo

©Pierre Monetta, Christine Roussey, Soins graphiques




13 January 2015
A wonderful lunch at le Jules Verne...

Boarding for a wonderful journey…

At lunch, energy is dominant, the area is open and bright. Overlooking the whole of Paris, the Jules Verne restaurant's unique location has made it the ultimate Parisian venue, where Alain Ducasse reinterprets beautiful French cuisine classics with a contemporary flair.

Delicate crustacean royale, crab claws and pickled vegetables ; Mallard duck fillet cooked in a cocotte, preserved leg, winter garnish or the Crispy ‘Tower nut’, chocolate from our Factory in Paris… Excellence of regionally sourced produce.

To enhance the experience, the Jules Verne restaurant’s offers you the Best of Alain Ducasse, a cookbook in which you will discover all the Chef signature dishes’s techniques and recipes.

The 3-course lunch menu is exclusively available week days.
(Except bank holidays - Up to 7 people).

Le Jules Verne
Tour Eiffel, 2ème étage
Avenue Gustave Eiffel
75007 Paris, France

3-course lunch menu, 98 €

8 January 2015
Black truffle warm winter dishes

This winter, our restaurants invite you on a sensorial journey centred on black truffle.


The Tuber Melanosporum black truffle is harvested in the Drôme region from mid-November to mid-March. The dog hunts it at the base of oak trees, digging with his front paws, attracted by the animal and vegetal, warm and heady fragrance.
The truffle must then be gently brushed, sorted by calibre, maturity and size, then checked if it is properly firm, and with a clever stroke, helped an extra thin blade, it is carefully checked to ensure that it is completely black, marbled with white.



Cooked, it fully expresses its unique flavour, bringing body, crunch, and a deep rustic touch to dishes... A sensory journey that our restaurant chefs invite you to join, through the dishes they have created for the occasion...

Discover our black truffle winter dishes in our restaurants: 

- Poached duck foie gras, black truffle, pot-au-feu vegetables - For 2 persons - 64 €, price per person 

Aux Lyonnais
- Delicate lettuce soup, cottage cheese and black truffle ravioli - 24 €

- Delicate langoustine velouté, black truffle - 42 € 

From 24 €

29 December 2014
New lunch menu at Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse

The Winter menu was revealed a few days ago at Alain Ducasse’s restaurant in Hotel Meurice.
Chef Christophe Saintagne takes you on the discovery of the new 85 euros lunch menu.

The kitchen’s main directive remains the same: simple in appearance yet radical, this essential cuisine places the produce at centre stage and through it, all the producers who place their passion at its service. 

Allow yourself to be seduced by the lunch menu to be discovered in one of the most beautiful dining rooms of the Capital, overlooking the Jardin des Tuileries.

Starter, main course or main course and dessert: 85 €
Starter, main course and dessert: 110 €
Starter, main course, cheese and dessert: 130 €

Discover the restaurant

Lunch menu  85 

18 December 2014
Le Meurice - Menu Edouard VII at Dalí, lunch 54€

The Dalí: a Parisian lunch by definition!

Named as a tribute to Salvador Dalí, who lived regularly at the hotel, the Dalí is a unique restaurant that transforms itself in the end of the day. One can enjoy a wonderful breakfast, only to return at lunch to a very dynamic setting. Or at teatime in the afternoon, or for dinner, in an elegant and muted atmosphere. The Dalí marks the tempo of the hotel in the heart of which it is located. It is the Parisian address by excellence at both guests of the hotel and Parisians hailing from of the arts, entertainment and business.

When Edward VII, King of England, came to hotel Le Meurice in 1903, he asked – as per his habit - lunch to be served in under 45 minutes... Nod to history: the Dalí today offers a menu that bears the name of this King and allows time-strapped guests the luxury of a chic and delicious parenthesis during lunch time. Beautiful seasonal products at the service of taste.

Edward VII menu, served in 45 minutes (appetiser+ main course or main course+dessert).

Edouard VII menu 54 €

9 December 2014
A very british afternoon tea at le Dalí

As winter days arrive, stop by for a comforting break at Hotel Le Meurice for afternoon tea in a cosy and welcoming environment.

Talented pastry chef Cédric Grolet interprets fruit and pastries in a surrealist and colourful fashion. Delicious scones and real English clotted cream, finger sandwiches made on the spot, soft and spongy chocolate cakes or fruitcakes, gourmet sweets and other refined confections…

From December 13th, and throughout the Holiday Season, the hotel offers a special Christmas Tea Time, with a lovely surprise: enjoy the Dali Yule log, a special tribute to the genius artist… Divine!

Every day, from 15h30 to 18h00

Hôtel Le Meurice
228 rue de Rivoli - 75001 Paris


From 46 €

10 November 2014
Restaurant Le Jules Verne Paris - Tour Eiffel

All aboard for a fabulous journey... The Jules Verne has created a gift box for your pleasure, for an exceptional evening on the 3rd floor of the Eiffel Tower. 

Discover the tasting menu

950 € for 2

29 October 2014
Launch of Good France / Goût de France

Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, announced the launch of the event Good France / Goût de France during a press conference at the Quai d’Orsay on the 22nd of October. 1000 Chefs from all five continents will be gathered to celebrate French food on March 19, 2015. On that same day, they will serve dinner honoring the French culinary Tradition. A commitee of international Chefs, led by Alain Ducasse, will select the restaurants that will participate to the event.

“French cuisine has this power to enhance imagination and to bring happiness in a potentially difficult context.”
Alain Ducasse

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27 October 2014
Châteaux & Hôtels Collection

“Whether it’s a bastide in Provence or the restaurant of a young chef in Italy, the journey has to be an experience. Beyond providing a service, this is a discovery, a surprise… and above all an encounter with men and women with a passion for their trade. Leave the well-trodden paths to those lacking in imagination. Opt for authentic charm and take yourself off down less well-known paths, they lead straight to happiness.”

Alain Ducasse,
President of Châteaux & Hôtels Collection



A unique collection to find venues to sleep or eat and to live rare experiences

Châteaux & Hôtels Collection is all about curiosity in discovering new places, in unearthing them and collecting them like souvenirs to be shared with others. None of its member properties is like any other; each has its own special character.

Although each piece in the collection is unique, together they form a whole. Charm is what brings these properties together, is what creates unity in diversity. For Châteaux & Hôtels Collection charm is alive and thriving, it is tangible and can be found from one property to another. This charm is expressed in the sincerity of each property, the hospitality and the generosity of the owners, the quality of the services and the products.

The unique Châteaux & Hôtels Collection is showcased on its website and in its bilingual French-English Guide available free-of-charge in all member properties of the collection.