26 April 2016
Rech : from coast to coast


4 gourmet stops– 4 menus to be discovered  in the rythm of the seasons. Throughout the year, chef Damien Leroux, from Rech, will suggest a culinary journey from coast to coast presenting the diverse seafood of these wonderful nautical regions.


A voracious traveller, I gathered memories and flavours from my gourmet voyages from every corner of France. The Mediterranean, so beloved to me, the untamed beauty of the Atlantic shores, Brittany’s raw landscapes and bustling Normandy fishing ports. From coast to coast, I invite you on four stopovers to discover these wonderfully nautical regions. - Alain Ducasse



From Normandy, you can sample the sole, signature produce at Rech, caught in small boats using gentle fishing methods and respectful of the delicacy of its fine and mellow flesh. The region also offers organic vegetables grown on sand, using kelp alone for fertilizer.

Marinated sea scallops, oyster condiment and sea fennel

Cocotte of vegetables from “Jardins de Créances”

Normandy-style sole our way

Pont l’Evêque

Delicate apple tart, hay ice cream





This region sings an ode to the sun through its generous and abundant nature. From Toulon to Nice, the mountain throws itself into the sea.It is in this pure water that small, rare and delicious rock-fish evolve, and give their incomparable taste to Bouillabaisse.

Niçoise-style salad

Bouillabaisse our way

Seared fillet of red mullet, courgettes and tomatoes

Banon goat cheese

Cookpot of apricots, thyme ice cream





The ancestral port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, only big enough for smaller vessels, has resisted the call of modern fishing methods. Small boats return to port carrying a cargoof delicious and delicate line-caught hake, prepared by our chef Damien Leroux, with sweet and fleshy organic mini bell peppers.

Shrimp tartar, sorrel and salicornia

Quick-sautéed baby squids, marine herb condiment

Roasted line-caught hake, stuffed sweet bell peppers, cooking jus

Ossau-Iraty cheese

Ewe’s curd, caramel with Espelette pepper, gâteau basque





The Brittany coast: a 100% authentic region where Gilles Jégo, fish wholesaler based in the port of Etel for 20 years, selects for Rech only extra fresh produce, caught at night time and delivered a few hours later in the restaurant kitchen.

Parmentier-style « Princesse de Kermancy » oysters

Seared line-caught pollock, confit onions from Roscoff

Small scale fishing monkfish, artichokes two ways

Abbaye de la Joie de Notre-Dame cheese






Menu for the whole table - 80 € (drinks not included)

62 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris


Shrimp tartar, sorrel and salicornia 

80 €

15 April 2016
A savoury raspberry-verbena Pavlova at Benoit !


From mid-April to mid-May, Benoit Paris suggests a raspberry-verbena Pavlova, ideal for the beginning of spring, to discover 'à la carte'. This traditional recipe is suggested putting forth two seasonal products : raspberries & verbena.




The base is composed of a generous meringue bringing a crunchy and tender touch to this dessert. It is then covered with a light Chantilly cream and a thin layer of raspberry jam. To finish, raspberries and verveine leaves are put on top.

Raspberry-verbena Pavlova – 14 €


20 rue Saint-Martin
75004 Paris



14 €

13 April 2016
Opening Champeaux, the new Alain Ducasse Restaurant


Champeaux : A contemporary brasserie set in its time 

The new Alain Ducasse establishment in Paris 


Alain Ducasse and Olivier Maurey, creator of restaurant Mini Palais and other Parisian places, has imagined "The Brasserie of the 21st Century", located in the heart of the 1st district of Paris under the Canopée in Forum des Halles. To Alain Ducasse: « We envisioned this space as an original version of a contemporary brasserie. »

A bit of history...Les Halles, a great market hall located in the area called «Champeaux », appears in the 12th century on the orders of Louis VI. A few centuries later, the « Petits Champs », located on the city outskirts lend their name to a brasserie on Place de la Bourse, founded in 1800. The writer Émile Zola features the area in the opening scene of his novel L’Argent (Money). In his old menu collection, Alain Ducasse found a Champeaux menu dated from 15th December 1900. 

At Champeaux, everyone is free to create their own personal experience. A wide-open and sun-drenched space which live all day long and situated opposite Saint-Eustache church. Eating on the go, to enjoy a large feast or snack during an aperitif, the brasserie welcomes everyone, from 11:30 am to midnight.



Champeaux revives the most beautiful brasserie cuisine classics, using the best seasonal ingredients. The soufflé, the restaurant’s signature-dish, perfectly embodies this faithful to tradition and eminently contemporary approach. Chef Bruno Brangea offers an elegant interpretation of this monument to French cuisine, with both sweet and savoury variations.

A display board, (8.60 meters long by 1.40 meters high) similar to those in railway stations and airports, scrolls - in interactive connection with the kitchen - the menu, cooking times, batches of soufflés, or even the wines of the day...

The most skilled craftsmen, bespoke furniture, noble materials and haute couture detailing, designers group Cigüe has bestowed a soul to the existing industrial structure of this large open space, on a sunny terrace overlooking the Nelson Mandela garden, almost four hectares of greenery in the heart of Paris. The view offers a unique perspective of the Saint-Eustache Church.

With a capacity of 14 guests, le salon privé overlooks La Canopée’s great forecourt. The two tables of this space are rare pieces that Alain Ducasse found at an antique shop. For a century, they were used in the refectory of the Lycée Lakanal, in Sceaux. They bear the scars of time in the irregularities and wear of their edges, completely notched by students’ cutlery, doubtlessly anxious for their lunch!



Orchestrated by Alain Ducasse restaurants’ head sommelier, Gérard Margeon, the wine list is dynamic and oriented toward Europe. "No less than 70 references are found here, and all can change at the drop of a hat. In the organic and biological category, a white, a red and a champagne will be offered every week.

Mixology is also at the heart of Champeaux. The Canadian head barmaid Marjolaine Arpin reinterprets classic cocktails, with a self-confessed preference for bitters. Taking her inspiration on the history of the area and the Champeaux of the old days. She suggests a few unique and sophisticated signature cocktails.

From breakfast at the first light of day to late dinner, the restaurant atmosphere changes as the hours go by. Malik Alary, DJ and sound designs with a sharp musical selection, creating a singular atmosphere and identity.




Discover La Carte



Open 7 days a week
From Sunday to Wednesday : 11:30am-Midnight
From Thursday to Saturday : 11:30am-1:00pm

La Canopée – Forum des Halles (Porte Rambuteau), 75001 PARIS
T : +33 1 53 45 84 50



12 April 2016
Interview : Gabriel Gauthier et Xavier Boireau

Gabriel Gauthier, Clermont-Ferrand butcher, and Xavier Boireau, Aux Lyonnais chef, explain their inspiration about the Bœuf Fin Gras du Mézenc, on the restaurant's menu until end of May.


Your story with Fin Gras?

GG: Between Auvergne and the Ardèche, the cows are slowly fed with Mézenc hay. You must be patient with this meat, which is necessary during the maturation phase that takes at least three weeks for the restaurant Aux Lyonnais.

XB: Since 2006, it has received an A.O.C. thanks to the animal rearing method. They are fed with Mézenc hay in the winter, rich with flowers and plants such as the zither - also called "fennel of the Alps" – because of its delicate aniseed taste.  


This beef is distinctive because...

GG: With this meat, flavour is king. A true terroir taste, unique to this area and especially noticeable in braising cuts. The pot-au-feu is sublime!

XB: The Fin Gras is a surprising meat. In the broth, one really tastes the floral tones and heartiness of this meat, even with very little seasoning. When cooking the ribs, unexpected flavours materialise, with notes of flowers, musk, butter and liquorice that coat the palate…


How to prepare it?

XB: There are many possibilities. On the menu, I suggest a consommé accompanied by pot-au-feu vegetables, then a roast with early green asparagus and new potatoes.



Roasted Fin Gras du Mézenc beef, first green asparagus and tiny potatoes – Price according to availability. 
Fin Gras du Mézenc beef broth, pot-au-feu vegtables - 18€


Aux Lyonnais
32, rue St Marc - 75002 Paris

12 April 2016
Milk-fed veal chops, tender young vegetables with spring garlic Recipe

Alain Ducasse Edition shares a recipe : "Milk-fed veal chops, tender young vegetables with spring garlic", a tasty spring dish.

Alain Ducasse explains: "Cooking is generosity. Food has much more flavor when it is sharedhappily with others. The keys to really enjoying food are a beautiful, settable with friends around it and lively conversation. Here is a hearty butregal dish that one would be proud to serve to guests. I love these kindsof dishes because they embody the real reasons for a meal: friendshipand conviviality."

This recipe is extracted from the book "Best Of Alain Ducasse".


17 March 2016
Rech : a culinary journey amongst the French coasts


Throughout 2016, the Executive chef of Rech, Damien Leroux, will suggest a culinary journey from coast to coast, presenting the diverse seafood products from the most beautiful coastal regions of France. From Normandy to the Mediterranean, 4 gourmet stops - 4 menus to be discovered in the rhythm of the seasons.


From March 15 to April 30, our first stop: Normandy.

Renowned for its fertile pastures, Normandy is also a 640 km coastline dotted with elegant seaside architecture, beautiful beaches and spectacular cliffs. From port to port, you can sample several variations of the Sole Normande, a recipe which highlights the excellence of the produce. Now a signature dish at Rech, the sole served is caught in small boats using gentle fishing methods, respectful of the delicacy of its fine and mellow flesh. The region also offers organic Grégoire vegetables grown in Créances: grown on sand, using kelp alone for fertilizer.



The region of Normandy has inspired the chef Damien Leroux to make this menu :


- Marinated sea scallops, oyster condiment and sea fennel 

- Cocotte of vegetables from “Jardins de Créances”

- Normandy-style sole our way

- Pont l’Evêque

- Delicate apple tart, hay ice cream


To accompany this menu, the Sommelier Romain Loriot suggests a Sydre « Argelette » "Sydre Grand cru" (the last grand cru classé) or the Poiré « Granit » "Poiré Grand cru", elaborated from apples and wild pears by Eric Bordelet, sydriculteur and poirologue in Normandy.


From Coast to Coast Menu - 80 € (drinks not included)


80 €

11 March 2016
Opening new boutique Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

Opening of a new Parisian address for Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse. Opening of a new boutique located at 9 rue du Marché-Saint-Honoré in the 1st district of Paris - signed by the designers Cigüe.

You will find all the assortments of la Manufacture de Chocolat's chocolates, bars, candied fruit, Roc's & dragé well as the Easter creations such as the Easter French Hen, a funny looking hen, filled with Easter treats (an exclusive Pierre Tachon creation).


Le Comptoir Saint-Honoré

9, rue du marché Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris

19 February 2016
Histoires (in)carnées 2016 - Exceptional meats & poultry

For the 2nd year, from February to December 2016, Alain Ducasse restaurants in Paris and Provence are to honour exceptional meats at their tables.

French agriculture benefits from respectful forms of animal, environmental and seasonal husbandry. The objective is not to encourage the public to eat more meat, but to distinguish and promote the very best.


From April to May at Aux Lyonnais

The herds of cattle are fattened in barns in the heart of France with natural mountain grass and hay. This traditional and secular method of rearing grants the flesh with a marbled texture of exceptional tenderness and succulence

Aux Lyonnais - 32 rue Saint Marc, 75002 Paris 

Roasted Fin Gras du Mézenc beef, green asparagus and tiny potatoes – (price according to availibility)
Fin Gras du Mézenc beef broth, pot-au-feu vegtables – 18€








From April to May at La Bastide de Moustiers

Unique in France, a perfectly balanced diet makes the flesh of this pigeon extra tender in all seasons. The taste is absolutely exceptional, both strong and delicate.

La Bastide de Moustiers - Chemin de Quinson, 04360 Moustiers-Sainte-Marie











From February to April at Allard

The lambs consume rich and abundant pasture-reared sheep milk and a variety of healthier heirloom grain. Their meat is authentic, reflecting natural terroir, subtly aromatic and melt-in-your mouth.

Allard - 41 rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 - Paris 

Oven-baked lamb from Massif Central, Le Puy green lentils, cooking jus (price accordin to availibility)










From February to March at Relais Plaza

Poulette jaune


Reared free-range in the Landes, this plump bird is fed with corn grown on the farm, soybean, alfalfa and acorns foraged in the forest undergrowth. On the palate, expect marbled flesh, juicy taste and a deliciously crispy skin. 

Le Relais Plaza- 21 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris 









French agriculture benefits from respectful forms of animal, environmental and seasonal husbandry. For the second year, from February to December 2016, Alain Ducasse restaurants in Paris and Provence are to honour these exceptional meats at their tables. The objective is not to encourage the public to eat more meat, but to distinguish and promote the very best.

From 18 €

Histoires (in)carnées 2016 - Exceptional meats & poultry

Aux Lyonnais


La Bastide de Moustiers


8 February 2016
Opening of Champeaux in Paris - Beginning of April 2016

The new Alain Ducasse establishment in Paris

Restaurant Bar & Lounge : Modern - Savoury - Casual

Beginning of April, Alain Ducasse Entreprise and Olivier Maurey (MINIPALAIS) will launch Champeaux, a contemporary brasserie located under the Canopée in Forum des Halles, in front of the Jardin Nelson Mandela, opposite Saint-Eustache church. A wide- open and sun-drenched space created by designers group Ciguë, offering a delicious and relaxed atmosphere, in tune with the neighbourhood.   

The name of the new institution is a reference to the location where, in the XIIth century, Louis VI established the large market which would become the precursor to the Halles. It is also a tribute to the restaurant Champeaux, founded in 1800, which was located beside the Bourse.

The logo of the new restaurant, opening in the spring, is inspired – yet modernised - by the elegant typography of the Belle Époque Champeaux.

For the Menu, Alain Ducasse borrows from the great market brasserie tradition with gusto. 

All the signature “Canaille” cuisine is represented: snails, oysters, boudins, tartars… - in a new contemporary version. The sauces are lighter, the condiments have more flavour and the desserts contain less sugar.

Enough to seduce the locals, as well as the countless visiting guests. 

The interior design is in tune with the new face of the Forum des Halles. Located under the Canopée – designed by Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti – interiors are created by the Ciguë designers to whom Alain Ducasse had already, in 2014, intrusted the design for the Comptoir du Chocolat Alain Ducasse, rue Saint-Benoît in Paris. The space is very bright, thanks to the large bay windows through which the light pours in.
Pure lines and raw materials give the venue both a warm and contemporary atmosphere. A monumental display panel of metal slats, identical to those used in airports, is the space’s strong element - a sort of slate 2.0 - which displays information relating to the menu and the dishes, during the service.

Opens beginning of Avril 2016
Capacity: 180 guests indoors - 80 guests on the terrace


For more information:

18 January 2016
Lunch Menu at the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée offers an ideal environment for lunch.

Discover the Naturalness cuisine with the lunch Menu that can be composed from the seasonal menu. Three dishes to discover a cuisine concentrated around the  fish-vegetables-cereal trilogy and created by Chef Romain Meder.

Currently, discover the Turbot from the Gascogne Bay, lovage and borage herbs,warmed oysters, the Cotentin blue lobster, smoked cabbage ,preserved clementines, the Vegetables from Château de Versailles gardens, beetroot and amaranth or the Lemon picked in Nice area, kombu seaweeds with tarragon.

These dishes are accompanied by two glasses of wine to be chosen from a selection composed by Laurent Roucayrol, the chef sommelier.


Photos extracted from the book Naturalité, published at the Editions Alain Ducasse, photo credit @Benjamin Schmuck

« There is an absolute necessity to go towards a better way of eating, in harmony with nature, healthier and more environmentally friendly ». explains Alain Ducasse. The Chef invites you to explore a universe with new flavours in one of the most beautiful restaurant in the French capital.



Starter, main course & dessert : 210 €

Discover the restaurant and see the Menu


* except dishes with caviar


Lunch Menu at 210 €

Lunch Menu at the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

For your reservation,


contact us at the following number: +33 1 53 67 65 00


Or by e-mail at