6 October 2015


« Aux Lyonnais » pays a gourmet and loving tribute to three generations of Lyon’s Mothers who have inspired generations of chefs. Their restaurants were first timeless shops, converted grocery-bars, with borrowed chairs and a pantry. This is how it all began.

Revealing themselves as exceptional chefs, they have made the reputation of Lyons, hailed as « Gastronomy World Capital » by culinary critic Curnonsky in 1935. From October to December, discover six dishes inspired by Lyonnaise Mothers and revisited by Chef Francis Fauvel.







«La mère Guy»
matelote-style pike perch - 33 €

The pike is cooked in a red wine fish fumet, accompanied by smoked bacon, pearl onions and button mushrooms. As a garnish, a small spinach fondue.

«La mère Fillioux»
chicken and crayfish - 30 €

A slightly creamy crayfish fumet coats the crayfish tails, arranged with some spinach leaves.




See more informations about Mothers' history and their dishes on







Jugged hare

Warm Pie





Artichoke hearts and duck foie gras

"Tablier de sapeur"





Aux Lyonnais
32, rue Saint-Marc 75002 Paris
01 42 96 65 04

«La mère Fillioux» chicken and crayfish - 30 €

5 October 2015
Chesnut menu at Rivea London

From October 1st to November 15th, Rivea London greets autumn with an alluring seasonal product : the chestnut.

Executive Chef Alexandre Nicolas has created a 4-course menu to showcase the sumptuousness of this fruit. Savour the delicate chestnut velouté, roasted butternut, Artisanal paccheri chestnut sautéed mushrooms and Seared scallops with pumpkin, chestnut and hazelnut, amongst others.

A glass of Lirac, La Reine des Bois, Domaine de la Mordorée, 2014, has been carefully selected to complement the menu. 


Rivea London
Bulgari Hotel, London
171 Knightsbridge, 
London SW7 1DW

Chesnut menu - £45 

5 October 2015
Oceanic rendez-vous : Line-caught Turbot & Red mullet

At Rech, 4 original and delicious oceanic rendez-vous are conveyed…

In October, chef Damien Leroux prepared in Signature Menu two top qualitis products : the Line-caught Turbot from Audierne & the Red mullet from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. Appreciated by connaisseurs for being elegant and refined, the imposing turbot creates a surprising and delicious duo with the strong and characteristic iodine scent of the small mullet.

For these two fish dishes, the chef imagined various preparations and cooking techniques. Combined with the roasted cep, confit or in a sauce, they form together a spectacular duo !




To go with these dishes, head sommelier Gérard Margeon suggested an association of two red wines from Mediterranean and Atlantic coast : Château Siran served in a magnum bottle under the designation Margaux & Château de Pibarnon under the designation Bandol.

The client will bring together these two wines offered on the same vintage. Every week, the vintage a la carte will vary.

Available on the Signature menu* at 76 € : Pan-seared red mullet, ceps and Small scale fishing turbot, confit ceps, cooking jus


* available for the whole table.


62 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris

Signature Menu (5 dishes) - 76 €

29 September 2015

From October 1st to the 31st, Alain Ducasse restaurants have joined forces with Pink October, dedicated to international breast cancer awareness. The chef’s from Allard, Laëtitia Rouabah, and Fabienne Eymard from Benoit have each created a pink, delicate and delicious dessert: Cookpot of figs, pink praline ice cream from Allard, and the Rose/grapefruit Vacherin from Benoit.

A wonderful opportunity to indulge yourself for a good cause, as profits made from these two desserts will be donated to the « Avec* » Foundation led by Professor David Khayat, in support to his combat against cancer.

Rose/grapefruit Vacherin from Benoit 

Chef Fabienne Eymard explains: « At the bottom of the plate I disposed the grapefruit sorbet, within its heart lies a grapefruit marmalade. On top, is gently placed a scoop of rose ice cream. To finish, on top, a few candied grapefruit peels, pieces of crushed rose meringue and crystallized rose petals.

This is a very balanced dessert. The grapefruit flavour is sufficiently subtle to marry with the precisely measured rose. The meringue and petals provide the crisp and crunch to this fresh and light dessert. »




Cookpot of figs, pink praline ice cream

The figs are cut into quarters and lined in the hollow of the fig leaf, inside the Cookpot. They are covered with honey before roasting a few minutes. A few pink praline flakes are arranged on top to create the crunch.

The pink praline ice cream accompanies this delicate autumn dessert.



*Recognized as a public service, the "Avec" Fondation acts to improve the quality of life of patients and their families as well as research programmes focused particularly on the study of rare tumours. It also encourages international awareness of this disease so that hope and life are stronger than cancer.




Paris 6ème
T. +33(0)1 43 26 48 23

Paris 4ème
T. +33(0)1 42 72 25 76


Cookpot of figs, pink praline ice cream 12 €

Rose/grapefruit Vacherin 15 €

Pink October at Benoit and Allard





25 September 2015

Alain Ducasse Edition shares a recipe : "Autumn fruit and vegetable Cookpot", one of the chef's famous signature dishes.

This version uses seasonal fruits and vegetables for a tasty autumn dish.

Alain Ducasse explains: "Cooking is a permanent quest for discovery. This is something I try to adhere to, which began for me in childhood and continues to the present day via my profession. For years, I wanted to create a signature dish, a symbolic, almost philosophical expression of my cooking, which tells the tale of my origins."

This recipe is extracted from the book "Best Of Alain Ducasse".


8 September 2015
Grands Crus served in carafes in Alain Ducasse Parisian restaurants !

From September 8th to October 31st, discover four Grands Crus from Burgundy, exclusively picked by Head Sommelier Gérard Margeon for Alain Ducasse Parisian restaurants. To enjoy by the glass or in carafe at Rech, Benoit, Allard and Aux Lyonnais.


The “Climats”, terroirs of Burgundy, were granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 2015. This is a true acknowledgement of the know-how of men expressed in emblematic wines for over 2000 years. From the hills of Corton, we invite you on a journey through 2 grape varieties, pinot noir and chardonnay, which grow under 4  singular Climats…




The Carafe (45 cL) 78 €
A glass of wine (15 cL) 26 €
Two glasses of wine (2 x 7 cL) or Three (3 x 5 cL) 26 €




Allard, Paris 6th
T. +33(0)1 43 26 48 23
Aux Lyonnais, Paris 2nd
T. +33(0)1 42 96 65 04
Benoit, Paris 4th
T. +33(0)1 42 72 25 76
Rech, Paris 17th
T. +33(0)1 45 72 29 47



From 26 €

Grands Crus served in carafes in Alain Ducasse Parisian restaurants !

To reserve :




Aux Lyonnais





7 September 2015
Histoires (in)carnées - Exceptional meat and poultry

Throughout the year, exceptional meat and poultry will be "à la carte" in our restaurants.

French agriculture benefits from respectful forms of animal, environmental and seasonal husbandry. This issue draws the portrait of passionate and precautious breeders with whom our chefs are proud and happy to work with. Men and women who consider  that the cycles of grass growth should rhythm the  animals’ life… We invite you to discover them in these stories.

From March to December this year, Alain Ducasse restaurants in Paris and Provence are to honour exceptional meat and poultry at their tables. The objective is not to encourage the public to eat more meat, but to distinguish and promote the very best.


From September to October at Le Dal

‘Poulette de Culoiseau’ chicken with sumac, chickpeas and lemon

This fine poultry is exclusively fed on local cereals produced in the farm. Having never laid eggs, it benefits entirely from the proteins contained in the food. Its natural and very pure taste has a long finish, just like a good wine.


Le Dal
Hotel Le Meurice
228 rue de Rivoli
72004 Paris
Tel. +33 1 44 58 10 10

From June to July at Le D




From June to July at Benoit

"POLDER meadows" Lamb


Yannick Frain lambs graze a fabulous grass, rich of a great array of plants near the polder meadows, a breeding method going back to the Middle Age. They offer a pinkish, firm and juicy meat, very fragant and with an evenly spread white fat.


20 rue Saint-Martin
72004 Paris




From February to June at Aux Lyonnais



The herds of cattle are fattened in barns in the heart of France with natural mountain grass and hay. This traditional and secular method of rearing grants the flesh with a marbled texture of exceptional tenderness and succulence.  


Aux Lyonnais
32 rue Saint-Marc
72002 Paris





Poulette de Culoiseau 48 €

7 September 2015
New lunch menu at the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

The restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée offers a lunch menu, baptised "Naturalité". This new menu allows us to discover a cuisine conceived around the trilogy fish-vegetables-cereal.

« There is an absolute necessity to go towards a better way of eating, in harmony with nature, healthier and more environmentally friendly ».

The lunch menu "Naturalité" is composed of three dishes to choose from the seasonal menu* put together by the chef Romain Meder, and accompanied by two glasses of wine to be chosen from a selection composed by Laurent Roucayrol, the chef sommelier.


Starter, main course and dessert: 210 €

Discover the restaurant and see the menu

* except dishes with caviar


Lunch menu at 210 €

New lunch menu at the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

For your reservation,


contact us at the following number: +33 1 53 67 65 00


Or by e-mail at


1 September 2015
In September, Rech has a soft spot for crab cakes!

Summer is at an end yet it doesn’t feel that way… In September, crab cakes and their condiments extend the feeling of summer at Alain Ducasse's fish restaurant in Ternes, Rech.

Claimed by the first European settlers of America, crab cakes have become Baltimore’s - in Maryland - emblematic dish. Made of edible crab meat and bread crumbs mixed with an egg before breaded, these delicious bites can be either savoured alone – “The East Coast Way”– or served with different ingredients according to preferences – this is the “West Coast” version of crab cakes. 



Discover the interpretation of Damien Leroux, chef at Rech

As well-known as edible crab, the Dungeness crab – shellfishes from the Breton coast – is very sought-after the delicacy of its flesh and the smoothness of its taste. At Rech, Damien Leroux reveals its flavour with lemon, capers, coriander and spring onions.  This preparation made using edible crab is breaded “british style”.  Thus is formed a thin layer of gold and crispy breadcrumbs which hides an unctous bite.

Crab cakes platter to share, at lunch or at dinner: 20€ 


62 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris


From 20€

26 August 2015
Four original and delicious oceanic rendez-vous at Rech

Four original and delicious oceanic rendez-vous are conveyed. 

« To appreciate a fine fish is to respect its personality, to know how to cook it to reveal its individual flavour. This year, we are honouring produces, some considered « noble », some more modest, but that have in common their exceptional quality. We have paired them in surprising duos, playing with flavour, texture and preparation contrasts. These four beautiful and delicious pairings are described in this issue ». Alain Ducasse


Noirmoutier line-caught sea bass & Guilvinec sardine

Sea bass, the line-caught, tapered and nervous carnivore mellows in the plate next to the sardine, its favourite prey. The pronounced taste of the sardine, oilrich fish, brings character to the delicate and melting flesh of the sea bass, both at the best of their season.



Brittany lobster from Riec-sur-Belon & live shrimp from Quiberon

Under its Samurai-like appearance, the lobster hides an exquisite flesh and juice of intense aromatic power. its imposing exterior does not frighten the live bouquet of brittany shrimp that only turns red after cooking. Straight out of the tanks, and very simply prepared, they express all their natural flavours.


Line-caught turbot from Audierne & red mullet from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie

Appreciated by connaisseurs for being elegant and refined, the imposing turbot creates a surprising and  delicious duo with the strong and characteristic iodine scent of the small mullet.



Scallops from Port-en-Bessin & bouchot Mussels from Mont Saint-Michel

Queen of the fish markets in port-en-bessin, the majestic scallop and her silky and slightly sweet flesh arrive on the Normandy coast in little fishing boats. here, they meet with smooth and fleshy mussels, grown on a bouchot, which preserve their taste and nutritional qualities.



62, avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris

From 27 €