Lunch at Le Jules Verne

Lunch at  Le Jules Verne

« The Jules Verne has no other ambition that to remain true to itself: the most beautiful place in Paris to enjoy all the pleasures of contemporary and accessible French cuisine ». Alain Ducasse

The best of French classics reinterpreted with a contemporary flair. The excellence of produce sourced from our regions. Taste, above anything else. Generosity and pleasure. This is how to describe the Jules Verne cuisine.

Starting in February 2014, the menu will carry a new “tasting” menu, created by chef Pascal Féraud, allowing you to experience the full Jules Verne sensation. It takes you on a journey of discovery and surprises, in a voyage of 5 or 6 dishes depending on your desires. The Expérience menu is the true essence of Jules Verne cuisine.

The Lunch menu (3 courses) is also available on week days.

Expérience - 5 courses (Fish or meat) - € 190                       
Expérience - 6 courses - € 230
Discover the Experience menu

Lunch menu - 3 courses - €105
Discover the lunch menu


From 105 / person