20 October 2014
Allard Restaurant: Fernande Allard’s traditional cassoulet

Laetitia Rouabah, Allard chef, reveals her recipe for Fernande Allard’s traditional cassoulet...
Every Monday, Cassoulet will be the dish of the day at the restaurant.

20 October 2014
Allard's 7 Classics

Delicious and historical Allard's 7 Classics

Part of the establishments tradition, 7 classic dishes make a big comeback to Allard, to the delight of regular customers and curious gourmets. In the spotlight: 7 dishes of the day, "classics" that are an integral part of Allard history.

Fernande Allard’s traditional cassoulet; Pan-seared lamb chops, cooking jus; Veal kidneys, Madère sauce… All the dishes perfectly illustrate Marthe Allard’s cuisine, followed by that of fernande Allard, her daughter in law. Honest and sincere dishes carrying certain nobility.

Every day, Marthe suggested a different dish. Fernande perpetuated the tradition of the “dish of the day”. This precious heritage continues to inspire Chef Laetitia with the “Allard Classic 7”.

41, rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris
Open every day for lunch and dinner
+33 (0)1 58 00 23 42

From 24 


17 October 2014
Aux Lyonnais: a Parisian bistro dedicated to the cuisine of Lyon!

In the heart of Paris, yield to the charm of this authentic Lyonnais bistro, a contemporary tribute to a time-honored culinary style.

Chef Francis Fauvel interprets fabulous recipes from Lyon, with a light and modern twist, in the friendly and generous atmosphere of this traditional Parisian establishment opened in 1890.

At the moment on the menu:

- Coddled eggs, wild mushrooms, country bacon and garlic bread - 17€
- Calf’s liver with parsley and garlic, tender potatoes – 28€
- Jugged wild boar with chestnuts, cep mushrooms and wild apple - 34€
- Roasted farm pig, spinach leaves and cooking jus – 32€
- Iced vanilla/caramel puff pastry – 12 €

Lunch menu - 32€
Dinner menu - 35€

Aux Lyonnais
32, rue St Marc - 75002 Paris 


Starting from € 32 

14 October 2014
The “Structure” serving plate of Restaurant le Jules Verne by J.L Coquet

Original and striking, this sculptural dish was conceived exclusively for the Jules Verne.... A spotlight on your best culinary creations!

The “Structure” serving plate, whose base is inspired by the Eiffel Tower, will soon become the centerpiece of your most sophisticated dinner parties. Original and striking, this sculptural dish was conceived by Pierre Tachon (Soins Graphiques agency), as an exclusive for the Jules Verne. The dish is made by the famous French porcelain maker, J L Coquet. A complex cast system, a minute demoulding procedure, enamel applications - this technical and visual masterpiece will draw the spotlight to your best culinary creations! 

€ 250

2 October 2014
Produce and Men

Produce and Men...

In 2014, Alain Ducasse restaurants pay tribute to great produce and their producers. 
Discover all year round our sweet associations…

In October and November: game and Barbès ceps

Game irresistibly evokes autumn scents and the arrival of winter. The association between deer, hare, pheasant hen or boar and ceps is almost perfect. Ceps are a pure product of the undergrowth harvested by Jean-Pierre Barbès. An elegant rusticity, they release a fruity and frank scent, and deliver a smooth flavour with a light taste of raw hazelnuts.

Participating restaurants:

Aux Lyonnais
Jugged wild boar with chestnuts, cep mushrooms and wild apple - 34€

Mallard duck, figs, cep mushrooms, salmis sauce - 42€

Royale-style hare, autumn vegetables and cep mushrooms - 52€

le Dali
Sautéed ceps and soya - 38€
Orecchiette, ceps mushroom with parsley, black olives - 34 € 

L'Hostellerie de l'Abbaye de la Celle
Two services  hen pheasant, raisins, rubis potatoes and cep mushrooms - 35 € per person
Chicken liver terrine, marinated red pine mushrooms, onion condiment - 28 €

Sommelier’s tip:
2009 - Nuits-Saint-Georges - Aux Champs Perdrix – A.Michelot. 


Starting from € 28 

16 September 2014
La Manufacture de Chocolat throughout Europe...

Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom: Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse is now to be savoured in the top European countries.

La Manufacture ships its creations to all four corners of Europe via its online store.

New products :



In dark chocolate praline or milk chocolate.
Individual bars of chocolate to enjoy on the go or slipped into a piece of bread. This compact and practical box is easily transportable, for an impromptu snack, a picnic, at the office, traveling…
20 individually wrapped bars - 240 g





A fruity bouquet, notes of forest fruit and the natural freshness of orange, a specialty from Grenada island – Central America.

A lovely aromatic strength for this bean from the Baracoa region in Cuba, Latin America





Deliciously regressive, spreadable chocolate… Created from an almond and hazelnut praline, dark and milk chocolate, this spread will put a smile on the faces of children and grown-ups alike.

Similarly to the Manufacture’s old-fashioned pralines, the spread has a slightly granulose texture making it unique and ultra- delicious.
XL size 550g - Normal size 250g 


Visit the e-store at
Free delivery for orders over €150.



10 September 2014

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée has reopened its doors. Discover the story of the restaurant... 




Here, Alain Ducasse tells a personal and radical story, continuing the work he began twenty-five years ago. He represents the naturalness cuisine, inspired by the fish-vegetables-cereals trilogy, with the help of his chef of Romain Meder. Healthier and more natural, more respectful of the Planet, it delivers a free and nearly instinctive interpretation of Haute Cuisine, revealing the produces’ original flavour, from the noble to the humble, all exceptional.


NATURALITÉ - Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée from BLAST PRODUCTION

8 September 2014
Grands crus in carafe - Paris

From 9th of September to 9th of novembre 2014

Grands crus served in carafes in Alain Ducasse Parisian restaurants!

Don’t miss out this autumn: 3 grands crus from Bourgogne to enjoy by the glass or carafe. Embark on a wonderful aromatic exploration through the vines of the Bourgogne region, and explore all the facets of this exceptional soil through two of its most iconic winegrowing areas.

Gérard Margeon, head sommelier of Alain Ducasse restaurants, recommends:


2011 – CORTON-CHARLEMAGNE – Domaine du Pavillon (White)
Astonishing and delicate. This elegant chardonnay reveals a rounded opulence.

2010 – CORTON – LES GRANDES LOLIÈRES – Domaine Capitain-Gagnerot (Red)
Plump wine with a stunning aromatic complexity. Remarkable vintage. 


2008 – GRANDS-ECHEZEAUX – Domaine Thénard (Red)
Spicy andcharismatic, it truly embodies the Côte de Nuits area,
a few yards from the
prestigious Clos de Vougeot.

Enjoy in carafe (45 cl): 78€ - By the glass (15cl or 2*7cl): 26€

Drink responsibly.

To Book :

Allard, Paris 6 – T. +33(0)1 43 26 48 23
Aux Lyonnais, Paris 2 – T. +33(0)1 42 96 65 04
Rech, Paris 17 – T. +33(0)1 45 72 29 47
Benoit, Paris 4 – T. +33(0)1 42 72 25 76

starting from € 26

Grands crus in carafe - Paris

Allard, Paris 6ème – T. +33(0)1 43 26 48 23
Aux Lyonnais, Paris 2ème – T. +33(0)1 42 96 65 04
Rech, Paris 17ème – T. +33(0)1 45 72 29 47
Benoit, Paris 4ème – T. +33(0)1 42 72 25 76

1 September 2014
Traditional dishes at Benoit Paris

Untill November 30th, Eric Azoug, chef at restaurant Benoit, pays a loving tribute to four great names of French cuisine, by recreating their signature dishes in the purest tradition.
Grand dishes steeped in history, to discover or rediscover paired with remarkable wines.

In October: chefs Antonin Carème, Alain Chapel and Fernand Point are honoured on Benoit’s menu.

Dish : Royale-style hare, autumn vegetables and cep mushrooms / Antonin Carème, 52€
2009 - IGP Vaucluse - Domaine Gourt de Mautens

Dessert : « Delicate jasmin cream  »/ Alain Chapel, 12€
2012 - Sauternes - Petit Guiraud de Guiraud

(On lunch and dinner)


Starting from  12

27 July 2014
Discover the Restaurant Allard

Push the Allard door and entering  in one of the last true bistros of Paris ... 

Sit in it is steeped in history and soak up the spirit of Marthe Allard, "mother cook," who founded the house in 1932. In Allard, the kitchen has always been a story of a woman. So naturally Alain Ducasse asked Laetitia Rouabah continue to write this story.

His love of cooking and good products have been transmitted by his grandmother and mother. Laetitia makes a fine local cuisine, sincere and generous. Guests can enjoy at Allard traditional dishes in a friendly atmosphere: Pasty Arnaud Nicolas; Challans duck with olives; Beef cheek melting carrot; Savarin with rum, whipped Chantilly bit.
41, rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris
01 58 00 23 42

Lunch menu € 34