1 September 2015
In September, Rech has a soft spot for crab cakes!

Summer is at an end yet it dosen’t feel that way… From the 1st to the 30th of September, crab cakes and their condiments extend the feeling of summer at Alain Ducasse's fish restaurant in Ternes, Rech.

Claimed by the first European settlers of America, crab cakes have become Baltimore’s - in Maryland - emblematic dish. Made of edible crab meat and bread crumbs mixed with an egg before breaded, these delicious bites can be either savoured alone – “The East Coast Way”– or served with different ingredients according to preferences – this is the “West Coast” version of crab cakes. 



Discover the interpretation of Damien Leroux, chef at Rech

As well-known as edible crab, the Dungeness crab – shellfishes from the Breton coast – is very sought-after the delicacy of its flesh and the smoothness of its taste. At Rech, Damien Leroux reveals its flavour with lemon, capers, coriander and spring onions.  This preparation made using edible crab is breaded “british style”.  Thus is formed a thin layer of gold and crispy breadcrumbs which hides an unctous bite.

Crab cakes platter to share, at lunch or at dinner: 20€ 


62 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris


From 20€

26 August 2015
Four original and delicious oceanic rendez-vous at Rech

Four original and delicious oceanic rendez-vous are conveyed. 

« To appreciate a fine fish is to respect its personality, to know how to cook it to reveal its individual flavour. This year, we are honouring produces, some considered « noble », some more modest, but that have in common their exceptional quality. We have paired them in surprising duos, playing with flavour, texture and preparation contrasts. These four beautiful and delicious pairings are described in this issue ». Alain Ducasse


Noirmoutier line-caught sea bass & Guilvinec sardine

Sea bass, the line-caught, tapered and nervous carnivore mellows in the plate next to the sardine, its favourite prey. The pronounced taste of the sardine, oilrich fish, brings character to the delicate and melting flesh of the sea bass, both at the best of their season.



Brittany lobster from Riec-sur-Belon & live shrimp from Quiberon

Under its Samurai-like appearance, the lobster hides an exquisite flesh and juice of intense aromatic power. its imposing exterior does not frighten the live bouquet of brittany shrimp that only turns red after cooking. Straight out of the tanks, and very simply prepared, they express all their natural flavours.


Line-caught turbot from Audierne & red mullet from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie

Appreciated by connaisseurs for being elegant and refined, the imposing turbot creates a surprising and  delicious duo with the strong and characteristic iodine scent of the small mullet.



Scallops from Port-en-Bessin & bouchot Mussels from Mont Saint-Michel

Queen of the fish markets in port-en-bessin, the majestic scallop and her silky and slightly sweet flesh arrive on the Normandy coast in little fishing boats. here, they meet with smooth and fleshy mussels, grown on a bouchot, which preserve their taste and nutritional qualities.



62, avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris

From 27 €

26 August 2015
Aux Lyonnais: generous, gourmet and convivial!

In the heart of Paris, yield to the charm of this authentic Lyonnais bistro, a contemporary tribute to a time-honored culinary style.

Chef Francis Fauvel interprets fabulous recipes from Lyon, with a light and modern twist, in the friendly and generous atmosphere of this traditional Parisian establishment opened in 1890.

At the moment on the menu:

- Our famous Quenelles, Nantua sauce - 26 €
- Free-range chicken and crayfish fricassée - 28 €
- Line-caught pollack, baby spinach and Paris mushrooms - 33€
- Calf's liver with parsley and garlic, tender potatoes - 28€

Lunch menu - 34 €
Dinner menu - 35 €

Aux Lyonnais
32, rue St Marc - 75002 Paris 


From 34 € 

25 August 2015
Lunch menu at Benoit Paris

Just a few steps away from the Hôtel de Ville, discover the unique universe and authentic fare of this legendary bistro…

A favorite address of all lovers of great French food who appreciate its family spirit and warm and friendly atmosphere; the restaurant Benoit which opened in 1912, remains one of the last authentic Parisians bistros.

At lunch, taste some beautiful products, the great classics on the menu that contribute since 100 years to the reputation of Benoit beyond the borders. Also enjoy wines too chose within 350 references from the best French vineyards.

Fabienne Eymard, Benoit restaurant’s chef propose at the lunch menu the Delicate green lentil velouté, lightly whipped cream; the Pan-seared black pudding two style apples and as dessert, you could choose between Savarin in Armagnac and lightly whipped cream; Assortment of chocolate and fruit tarts and Homemade ice cream and sorbets.

View the Lunch Menu.

20 rue Saint-Martin
75004 Paris

Lunch menu 39€

27 July 2015
Discover the Restaurant Allard

Push the Allard door and entering  in one of the last true bistros of Paris ... 

Sit in it is steeped in history and soak up the spirit of Marthe Allard, "mother cook," who founded the house in 1932. In Allard, the kitchen has always been a story of a woman. So naturally Alain Ducasse asked Laetitia Rouabah continue to write this story.

His love of cooking and good products have been transmitted by his grandmother and mother. Laetitia makes a fine local cuisine, sincere and generous. Guests can enjoy at Allard traditional dishes in a friendly atmosphere: Pasty Arnaud Nicolas; Challans duck with olives; Beef cheek melting carrot; Savarin with rum, whipped Chantilly bit.
41, rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris
01 58 00 23 42

Lunch menu 34 €

27 July 2015
2 nights and More in Provence

Enjoy the charms of  the Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle nestled away in the heart of the Coteaux Varois! 
To fully enjoy all the magic this unique place has to offer, we have created a special Internet package for your 2-night or more stay at the Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle.

This offer includes:

- 2-nights minimum in a double room.  
- Accommodation starting in the superior room category    

Booking and information: 
Email : 
Tel. : +33 (0)4 84 49 05 24

from € 280 / person

2 July 2015
Enjoy a breath of fresh air at Rech!

July’s marine encounters by Rech are an ode to summer, bursting with freshness and seasonality. The seaside is not far, thanks to the vibrant duo created by chef Damien Leroux: Chilled costal blue lobster from Riec-sur-Belon & imperial shrimps from Marennes Oléron. Magnificent produce paired with two other seasonal favourites: tomato and basil.

On one side of the plate, the lobster is poached and chilled, lightly marinated in olive oil and lemon, accompanied by heirloom tomatoes grown by Christophe Latour – picked the day before and delivered extra fresh to Rech – and basil...

… On the other side, the shrimp are prepared in a tartare, seasoned with virgin olive oil and accompanied by lobster jelly and tomato water …

The result: a dish bursting with elegance, freshness, colours and flavours for a lunch on the go or to enjoy as a starter for two.

On the menu: Chilled costal blue lobster, imperial shrimps tartare from Marennes Oléron and tomatoes– 42€



62 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris


From 42€

19 June 2015
Franco-Japanese variations at La Cour Jardin

Hidden inside The Hotel Plaza Athénée, La Cour Jardin is home to one of the most beautiful terraces in Paris! A secret address, privy only to the well informed Parisians who converge here as soon as the days get warmer, to enjoy a light and seasonal fare, in a bucolic yet chic atmosphere...

Alain Ducasse has invited the japanese chef Fumiko Kono for the summer. To be discovered, franco-japanese variations created by Fukimo such as the “Salmon Sashimi and Avocado, with Soy Sauce and Green Yuzu Vinaigrette” or the "Bento Box Cour Jardin".



Loyal La Cour Jardin customers will be delighted to rediscover the Chilled Blue Lobster, Grilled Vegetables and Culatello or the Red Mullet Cooked on One Side with Potato Gratin, Fennel and Bouillabaisse Jus prepared by Chef Mathieu Emeraud.

La Cour Jardin
Hôtel Plaza Athénée
21 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris 

From 28€

Franco Japanese variations at La Cour Jardin

To make a reservation,


contact us by telephone at : +33 (0)1 53 67 66 02


Or by email at

8 June 2015
Delicious seasonal dishes at Rech restaurant

Inspired, passionate and creative, Rech’s Carte changes with the tides and the seasons… 

Chef Damien Leroux invites you to enjoy full of flavour creations: 

- Small scale fishing turbot, fava beans and romaine lettuce - 64€ (A la carte until July)
- Gilt-head bream carpaccio, taggiasca olive, capers and lemon preserve - 32€
Chilled costal blue lobster, imperial shrimps taratre from Marennes Oléron and tomatoes - 42€
- Mrs Rech: frozen mascarpone and wild strawberries - 16€



The finest ingredients, ideal pairings, clearly the height of good taste...

62 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris

From 32€