8 February 2016
Opening of Champeaux in Paris - Beginning of April 2016

The new Alain Ducasse establishment in Paris

Restaurant Bar & Lounge : Modern - Savoury - Casual

Beginning of April, Alain Ducasse Entreprise and Olivier Maurey from Ludéric Evenement will launch Champeaux, a contemporary brasserie located under the Canopée in Forum des Halles, in front of the Jardin Nelson Mandela, opposite Saint-Eustache church. A wide- open and sun-drenched space created by designers group Ciguë, offering a delicious and relaxed atmosphere, in tune with the neighbourhood.   

The name of the new institution is a reference to the location where, in the XIIth century, Louis VI established the large market which would become the precursor to the Halles. It is also a tribute to the restaurant Champeaux, founded in 1800, which was located beside the Bourse.

The logo of the new restaurant, opening in the spring, is inspired – yet modernised - by the elegant typography of the Belle Époque Champeaux.

For the Menu, Alain Ducasse borrows from the great market brasserie tradition with gusto, merrily propelling it into our current time. 

All the signature “Canaille” cuisine is represented: snails, oysters, boudins, tartars… - in a new contemporary version. The sauces are lighter, the condiments have more flavour and the desserts contain less sugar.

Enough to seduce the locals, as well as the countless visiting guests. 

The interior design is in tune with the new face of the Forum des Halles. Located under the Canopée – designed by Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti – interiors are created by the Ciguë designers to whom Alain Ducasse had already, in 2014, intrusted the design for the Comptoir du Chocolat Alain Ducasse, rue Saint-Benoît in Paris. The space is very bright, thanks to the large bay windows through which the light pours in.
Pure lines and raw materials give the venue both a warm and contemporary atmosphere. A monumental display panel of metal slats, identical to those used in airports, is the space’s strong element - a sort of slate 2.0 - which displays information relating to the menu and the dishes, during the service.

Opens beginning of Avril 2016
Capacity: 180 guests indoors - 80 guests on the terrace


For more information:

5 February 2016

To mark the 190th anniversary of Brillat-Savarin’s death (1755-1826), Alain Ducasse entrusted Arnaud Nicolas, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Charcutier (Best Craftsman of France specializing in cured meats and pâtés), to create an exclusive recipe for his restaurant Aux Lyonnais. The 'Couronne Lyonnaise' can be found on the menu until March 22nd.

Before discovering the 'Couronne Lyonnaise', let us step back in time. Born in Belley on April 1st 1755, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, magistrate by trade, is a fine gourmet. He is renowned to be a scholar of all good things, in particular the art of meat curing and preparing, and rose to fame with three pâtés, today all part of French gastronomic heritage: le chapeau de Monseigneur Gabriel Cortois de Quincey, l’Oreiller de la belle Aurore, et la toque du président Adolphe Clerc (Monseigneur Gabriel Courtois de Quincey’s hat, Belle Aurore’s pillow, President Adolphe Clerc’s Chef hat)  

Quite naturally, for this recipe, Arnaud Nicolas drew inspiration from the unique shape of the Kouglof.

Presented in the dining room and sliced to order, the 'Couronne Lyonnaise' is a cooked stuffing composed of confit, filet, offal and duck foie gras, brought together with bacon and black pudding. Arnaud Nicolas elected a duck stuffing, light and fine in the mouth, completing it with pieces of black pudding, a nod to regional Lyon. Once the stuffing prepared, the difficulty lies in moulding the 'Couronne Lyonnaise'. Distributing the pâté mixture evenly in the Kouglof mould is of the utmost importance to ensure the cooking will be successful. This recipe bares witness to the mastery and talent of chef Arnaud Nicolas.

Accompanied simply by a side of salad, the Couronne Lyonnais reveals the finesse and flavour of each product it includes.


« La Couronne Lyonnaise » – starter ‘à la carte’ for lunch or for dinner until March, 22nd 2016 


Aux Lyonnais
32, rue St Marc - 75002 Paris
T. +33 1 58 00 22 06 


1 February 2016
March 21st 2016: a dinner to celebrate cooking throughout the world


Following the resounding success of its first edition, Goût de / Good France, returns on March 21st* with the desire to create a perennial event, recurring each spring.  

Organized on the initiative of Alain Ducasse and of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the event puts forward French “art-de-vivre” and regional products while adding value to French destinations.

Inspired by Auguste Escoffier, who introduced "Les Dîners d’Epicure" in 1912 - the same menu, on the same day, in several cities throughout the world and for the greatest number of guests, Goût de / Good France revisits this beautiful idea with for aim to bring together chefs from all four corners of the planet, for the duration of a dinner.

More than 1 000 chefs will once again pay tribute to the excellence of French cuisine and its values of sharing, around a dedicated menu: recipes inspired by French expertise. Participating restaurants are invited to create a menu including aperitif and canapés, an appetiser, main(s), cheese, dessert(s), French wines and champagnes.



Goût de / Good France upholds cooking accessible to all, expressing a beautiful diversity, from bistro to gourmet restaurants, and carried out using seasonal and local produce, using less fat, sugar, salt. Cuisine based on pleasure and generosity, carefully sustaining "eating well" and the environment.

Each restaurant is encouraged to donate 5% of sales profit of the Goût de / Good France to a local NGO working towards environmental respect and health.

As well as participating restaurants, French embassies will also relay the operation by organizing dinners in ambassadors’ residences.

Goût de / Good France is an invitation to travel that France addresses to the world, and that Alain Ducasse’s restaurants are pleased extend to their clients wishing to participate in this beautiful event. 




To discover participating restaurants and for booking details,
please visit




*For restaurants closed on Monday March 21st 2016, the event will be held on Tuesday 22nd of March 2016


More information on

26 January 2016
Valentine's Day Heart : A special creation

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse has created a gourmet treat for Valentines Day.
A generous heart with bevelled lines reminiscent of our famous chocolate bar.

Inside, hazelnut praliné with a touch of 'fleur de sel' & vanilla pod, covered in milk chocolate.
A second version is suggested : a heart filled with coconut-passion covered in dark chocolate.

A decadent pleasure for two…


More information on this creation on


Valentine's Day Heart, milk praliné or dark coconut-passion, 75g - 18€


La Manufacture de Chocolat Alain Ducasse
40, rue de la Roquette
75011 Paris
Tel. : +33 1 48 05 82 86


21 January 2016
Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée at Taste of Paris from Feburary 11th to 14th

The restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée will be present for the 2nd edition of Taste of Paris, the festival of the Parisian chefs.

The event takes place again under the glass roof of the Grand Palais from Feburary 11th to 14th 2016. 18 chefs will animate ephemeral restaurants in which Romain Meder, chef of the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée will be present accompanied by part of his team. 

This year, the festival-goers are expected to be numerous & will be able to profit from a lunch session as well as a dinner session, with signature dishes and exclusive creations suggested by the chefs.

Starters, main dishes & desserts will be suggested in bite sizes, from 5 to 12 €. Also present, hundreds of artisans and producers reunited in a booth animated by the Collège Culinaire de France where quality French-based produce will be savoured.
A gourmand event with plently of colors and savours ! 

Romain Meder, chef of the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée is thrilled to meet you there & to make you discover is cuisine. He will present two dishes and one dessert.

In order to accompany these dishes, Gérard Margeon, chef sommelier for Alain Ducasse, and his team will suggest a short selection of references at the wine bar.

Discover the dishes suggested by Romain Meder at Taste of Paris :

Photos extracted from the book Naturalité, published at the Editions Alain Ducasse, photo credit @Benjamin Schmuck 


In the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Romain Meder creates the naturalness cuisine, liberated, free and inspired by the fish-vegetables-cereal trilogy. More healthy and respectful of the planet, there is an almost instinctive interpretation of haute cuisine, revealing the original flavours of exceptional products.

For Alain Ducasse “To eat in a more natural way is today both an expectation and an absolute necessity, and it is now time to translate into the field of haute cuisine. We offer our guests a whole world of new flavours to explore.”

Romain Meder presents three dishes at Taste of Paris, in a discovery format :

Grand roux corn from Pays Basque, shellfish, octopus and squid
Chickpeas from Hautes-Alpes, sea bass, finger lime
Chocolate and coffee from our Manufacture, roasted  buckwheat


We hope to see you all for this gourmet event ! 


20 January 2016
A chic Valentine's Day at Le Meurice

Le Meurice invites you to experience a unique moment for for Valentine's Day. The executif chef Jocelyn Herland and the Pastry chef Cédric Grolet have imagined a delicious program.

The Restaurant Le Dalí, suggests a special menu on Feburary 13th & 14th for dinner. Savour with your compagnion the delicate Steamed langoustines with lemongrass or also the gourmand 'My sweeatheart', a delicious revisited Saint-Honoré... For each couple taking this menu, a half of bottle of Duval Leroy champagne will be offered (to take home).

Savour this gourmet 4-course menu & finish on a sweet note with the Saint-Honoré revisited for the occasion.

See the menu at 220 € per person* 


The Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse will be exceptionnally open on Feburary 14th for dinner & will suggest a special Valentine's Day gourmet menu.
The executif chef Joceyln Herland has imagined a tasting menu with the best seasonal produce.

Discover the Scallops, black truffle, the Lobster, Jerusalem artichokes and also the Truffled hen chicken, salsifies. A savoury & elegant Valentine's Day, in the restaurant's extraordinary decor, with the view of the Jardin des Tuileries by night...

See the menu at 450 € per person* 


* drinks not included



from 220€

A chic Valentine's Day at Le Meurice

Le Dali

Le Meurice Alain Ducasse


18 January 2016
Lunch Menu at the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée offers an ideal environment for lunch.

Discover the Naturalness cuisine with the lunch Menu that can be composed from the seasonal menu. Three dishes to discover a cuisine concentrated around the  fish-vegetables-cereal trilogy and created by Chef Romain Meder.

Currently, discover the Turbot from the Gascogne Bay, lovage and borage herbs,warmed oysters, the Cotentin blue lobster, smoked cabbage ,preserved clementines, the Vegetables from Château de Versailles gardens, beetroot and amaranth or the Lemon picked in Nice area, kombu seaweeds with tarragon.

These dishes are accompanied by two glasses of wine to be chosen from a selection composed by Laurent Roucayrol, the chef sommelier.


Photos extracted from the book Naturalité, published at the Editions Alain Ducasse, photo credit @Benjamin Schmuck

« There is an absolute necessity to go towards a better way of eating, in harmony with nature, healthier and more environmentally friendly ». explains Alain Ducasse. The Chef invites you to explore a universe with new flavours in one of the most beautiful restaurant in the French capital.



Starter, main course & dessert : 210 €

Discover the restaurant and see the Menu


* except dishes with caviar


Lunch Menu at 210 €

Lunch Menu at the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

For your reservation,


contact us at the following number: +33 1 53 67 65 00


Or by e-mail at


8 January 2016
Black truffle warm winter dishes


This winter, our parisians restaurants invite you on a sensorial journey
at the heart of the black truffle.



The Tuber Melanosporum black truffle is harvested in the Drôme region from mid-December to mid-March. Seeked by dogs at the base of oak trees, digging with its front paws, it is attracted by the animal, vegetal, warm and strong fragrance.
The truffle must then be gently brushed, sorted by calibre, maturity and size, then checked if it is properly firm. Then with a clever stroke & an extra thin blade, it is carefully checked to ensure that it is completely black, marbled with white.



Cooked, it fully expresses its unique flavour, bringing body, crunch, and a deep rustic touch to dishes... A sensorial journey that our restaurant chefs invite you to join until the end of February, through the dishes they have created for the occasion...

Discover our black truffle winter dishes in our restaurants: 

- Our pot-au-feu with black truffle : ox cheek, duck foie gras and seasonal vegetables - 64€ 

Aux Lyonnais
- Cookpot of potatoes, Mont d'Or cheese and black truffle - 35€

- Seared line-caught sea bass, baby artichoke broth and black truffle - 38€ 

- Delicate beef broth, thinly diced vegetables, duck foie gras and black truffle – 26€

From 26 €

Black truffle warm winter dishes


Aux Lyonnais




14 December 2015
Restaurant Le Jules Verne Paris - Tour Eiffel

All aboard for a fabulous journey... The Jules Verne has created a gift box for your pleasure, for an exceptional evening on the 3rd floor of the Eiffel Tower. 

Discover the tasting menu

950 € for 2

10 December 2015
Aux Lyonnais : A generous & convivial Bistrot

In the heart of Paris, yield to the charm of this authentic Lyonnais bistro, a contemporary tribute to a time-honored culinary style.

Chef Francis Fauvel interprets fabulous recipes from Lyon, with a light and modern twist, in the friendly and generous atmosphere of this traditional Parisian establishment opened in 1890.

Until end of Feburary, Aux Lyonnais invites you through a delicate journey at the heart of the Black Truffle.
Discover the Cookpot of potatoes, Mont d'Or cheese and black truffle. A seasonal, gourmand & comforting dish : tender onions, lard, thin slices of potatoes combined to the Mont d’Or. To finish, the Truffle is gently grated on the slighty browned cookpot.

Discover this dish at the 'Carte' Cookpot of potatoes, Mont d'Or cheese and black truffle - 35€

Also to discover, the dinner & lunch menus:

See the Dinner menu & book a table

- Charcuterie platter
- Lyonnaise-style black pudding, onions with vinegar
- Tart and floating island with pink praline

See the Lunch menu & book a table

Aux Lyonnais
32, rue St Marc - 75002 Paris 


from 35€